Touch Response
Lore Smolders

Touch Response is about lacking language and how to (not) interpret images. This is a book on vulnerability, as a description, prescription or side effect. It is made in a difficult period of fatigue and pain, mainly in the sofa in my living room, as a dialogue with myself and other invisible forces.

Drawings by Lore Smolders - visual artist
Interview with Birds WG - healer, writer, performance artist
Text editing by Isolde Vanhee and Joan Somers Donnelly

Thanks to Darko, Luz, Nelle, Birds, Isolde, Joan, Anyuta, Jelle, Tim
With the support of Sabam for Culture, Luca Breakout and NICC

Artist’s book, Infinitif, 2023
Offset, 13 x 21 cm, 256 pp, ed: 200

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