Narcissus. Looking into an (artificial) well of fountain

Tim Bruggeman

book, 2023
€ 12

This publication shows the content of the folder ‘Narcissus. Gazing into an (artificial) well of fountain’. This folder is one of the 18.000 subject folders that are kept in the photographic collection at the Warburg Institute in London. This iconographically organized archive contains reproductions of sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints, tapestries, and other forms of imagery, ranging in date from classical antiquity to circa 1800. All the photographs in this publication were taken on July 2th 2023.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition on and on and on and on held at Cas-co, Leuven from 06.09.2023 until 16.09.2023.

Many thanks to Paul Taylor, Curator of the Photographic Collection, Warburg Institute, London.

Author(s): Tim Bruggeman
Title: Narcissus. Looking into an (artificial) well of fountain
Publication year: 2023
Edition: 50
Pages: 80
Dimensions: 21 × 29,7 cm
Print: Digital print
Specifications: Stapled