Het behaaglijke huis

Tim Bruggeman

poster, 2020
€ 5

This poster is a reworked version of an article published in the magazine Innen-Dekoration (‘Interior Decoration’) in 1938. In this article, the interior of the Berghof (Adolf Hitler’s residence in the Bavarian Alps) was described in detail and illustrated with images by Hitler’s official photographer Heinrich Hoffmann. The front of the poster shows one of the 25 flower arrangements from the interior while the back contains a Dutch translation of the text. This poster was made on the occasion of the exhibition 'Groep B' in the gallery lxhxb in Eindhoven.

Author(s): Tim Bruggeman
Title: Het behaaglijke huis
Publication year: 2020
Edition: 150
Pages: 1
Dimensions: 36,5 × 59,4 cm
Print: Offset print
Specifications: Folded poster