Vanoverbeek Jelena, David Dean, ENGLISH SHOP FRONTS FROM CONTEMPORARY SOURCE BOOKS, 1970 London: Alec Tiranti, 2018 Ghent: self-published

In this work, the architecture of old shopfronts serves as a structure to frame historical slang. The windows of 22 selected technical drawings from the source book ENGLISH SHOP FRONTS (D. Dean, 1970) are filled with fragments, words and expressions from A Dictionary of Historical Slang (E. Partridge, 1972). In these new designs, the technical drawings are left out, leaving a clearly demarcated outline of the graphical language. Nine copies of the original book were unbound and rebound with these new facades. Because the original books originated in different countries, shops or libraries, they exhibit varying degrees of wear and tear, and differ slightly in colour and condition.  

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Artist’s Book, Self-published, 2018
Self-published, 21.5 x 28 cm, Original book, digital press, bookbinding, silkscreen on archival Melinex, 178 pp, Paperback: 6 books + 1 Artist Proof, Hardcover: 1 book + 1 Artist Proof