De harde naakte werkelijkheid

Tim Bruggeman

book, 2021
€ 25

Flanders, the early 1990s. The number of fatal victims of road traffic accidents connected to nightlife is at its peak. Emergency physician Dr. Beaucourt prepares a slideshow and tours secondary schools on a mission. He seeks to highlight the risks and shows harrowing, brutal images of victims. These images become part of the collective memory of a generation. This publication revisits that presentation. The only original elements here are the photos, which are depicted in slide format. The order of each image is determined by the chronology of events connected to a crash. The numerical code under each image refers to the location where it was found in the original archive.

With the support of KASK School of Arts and Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)

Author(s): Tim Bruggeman
Title: De harde naakte werkelijkheid
Publication year: 2021
Edition: 125
Pages: 220
Dimensions: 13 × 21 cm
Print: Offset print
Specifications: Perfect bound