À Reclasser

Tim Bruggeman & Jelle Martens

book, 2024
€ 35

The Brussels Museum of Resistance is undergoing renovation. Hidden in the basements of the civil affairs department, the stacked archive awaits a new home. Boxes filled with recognition files, photo albums, exhibition panels, books, flags, furniture, and other scenographic materials are scattered throughout the entire floor plan. The recently appointed archivist Samuel and historian Agnes are sorting through the archive pieces and are striving to ensure a future. This publication shows the waiting archive of the Museum of Resistance.

© Jelle Martens

Author(s): Tim Bruggeman & Jelle Martens
Title: À Reclasser
Publication year: 2024
Edition: 300
Pages: 200
Dimensions: 21 × 29,7 cm
Graphic design: Jelle Martens & Tim Bruggeman
Print: Offset
Specifications: Otabind